Most people know how important it is to have a website.
A website provide you with a online presence through which you can:
1. Promote your brand and the public awareness of your business,
2. Enable people to find and contact you at any time,
3. Expose your offers, products and services to your market,
4. Make sales 24/7.

But most people do not realize how important it is to have someone to look after the technical aspects of your website.
Not only do you need someone to design and develop a functional website for your business, your web designer also have to take care of important technical aspects of your website in order to have it functioning properly, eg:
1. You can't have a website (or your personalized email accounts) without a registered domain name.
Your domain name must be registered at the applicable authorities and it must be renewed (mostly) on an annual basis.
You must be assisted to have your domain name renewed timeously in order to avoid suspension or even the loss of your domain.
2. Your website and email accounts must be hosted on trusted and secure servers with a good reputation and a history of minimum downtime.
If your website and email accounts are not hosted on secure servers, you may experience all kinds of difficulties such as your emails being listed as spam and your emails may not reach your intended recipients.
Your servers must be secured to instill trust in your visitors to enable them to freely visit your website. Browsers like Google Chrome now flag websites as insecure it is not hosted on secure servers.
3. Now here is the most important aspect you must look for when deciding on a web design company for your website:
You need a website design company that put you in control of your website.
Many people lose their websites and domain names simply because their web designer or web design company disappear!
Suddenly they sit locked out of their own website and email accounts because they can not get hold of their web designer and do not have access to their registration details.

The Site Shaper is now in it's 11th year in business and have many clients who have been with them from the start.

Not only do they develop functional and beautiful websites for their clients, their fees are also very reasonable.

They look after their clients by ensuring that:
- the domains registration and renewals are managed properly,
- the websites are maintained and updated through proper and professional service to their clients,
- their servers are secure and properly managed,

As a client of TheSiteShaper, you can focus on your business knowing that your domains, websites and email accounts are properly looked after.

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